About us

Hey I'm Leonie - founder of VOT. The concept of VOT is to combine art, sustainability and high quality. Each of our designs is developed with a lot of feeling and depth, carefully considered and executed with love.


VOT's intention is to create more awareness. With VOT I want to create a platform for you that brings together art, sustainability, the highest quality and inspiration.

Clothing is not just a piece of fabric. It's given a life that should be appreciated through the pattern, the design and the identity of the person that wears it.


I develop the artworks through the many impressions & inspirations that I make during my travels. I'm most inspired by different cultures, architecture, nature and its colors as well as the styles of the different decades of our history.

In moments of silence it is then possible for me to bundle all I have experienced and transform it into my profound works of art.


I firmly believe that it is important to live and realize your own dreams to the fullest. I would love to inspire you through my work and collections to also pursue your own visions and goals and put them into practice. I have only the best intentions with my company and want to contribute as much as I can towards improving our world today. I am happy that you are now a part of Visionaries of Tomorrow!