California Summer Shopping Bag aus reiner Bio Baumwolle

California Summer Shopping Bag aus reiner Bio Baumwolle

Farbe Natural

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  • Bei maximal 30 Grad (im Schonwaschgang) waschen. Keinen Weichspüler, kein Vollwaschmittel und kein Bleichmittel verwenden. Nicht in den Trockner geben.
  • Mit ähnlichen Farben waschen, Aufdruck nicht bügeln, auf links waschen und bügeln. Einlagig und ohne Dampf, bei max 110°C, bügeln. 

1. Hypoallergenic : Organic cotton is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals. This reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions, making it especially suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin problems such as eczema.

2. Soft and comfortable to wear: The fibers of organic cotton are generally softer and feel more pleasant on the skin. This increases comfort and makes organic cotton clothing a preferred choice for people who value a pleasant feeling on the skin.

3. Breathability: Organic cotton is very breathable and helps to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the skin feeling fresh and dry, even in warm weather or during physical activity.

4. Free from harmful substances : No toxic chemicals such as pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used in the production of organic cotton. This means that organic cotton clothing is free from residues of such substances that could irritate or harm the skin.

5. Natural temperature regulation : Organic cotton has the ability to regulate body temperature by retaining heat in winter and cooling in summer. This ensures a comfortable skin climate in all seasons.

GSM stands for “Gram per Square Meter” (g/m2). Another technical term for GSM is the ''grammar''.

The number describes the weight of textiles. The higher the number, the heavier or 'denser' the material is. A high-quality gsm for T-shirts starts at 180 gsm and for hoodies and zipper jackets at 280 gsm. For light and airy T-shirts & tops it usually starts at 120gsm.

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