What is behind the cooperation with the Hellweg-Lippe district crafts association?

I have been fascinated by crafts since I was a child. Memorable moments, such as visiting a construction site with my father, made me realize the beauty and precision of the roofing trade. These early experiences led to a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, which embodies the art of creating with hands and heart.

Craft is not just a profession, it is a legacy. In a time when machines are becoming more and more present, we must not forget that their precision can never replace the passion and skill of humans. Each craft has its own aesthetic, which is characterized by its uniqueness and tradition.

When the Hellweg-Lippe district crafts association contacted me about a collaboration, I saw a wonderful opportunity to combine my artistic ambitions with my love of crafts. Together with a dedicated team, we worked intensively to realize a project that reflects the quintessence of craftsmanship.

The resulting collection is an expression of our respect and admiration for the craft. It represents the core values: passion, consistency, pride and innovation. Our mission is to celebrate the essence of craftsmanship through design and art.

We are proud to present this collection to you and hope that you care about it as much as we do.

Leonie, CEO and founder of Visionaries of Tomorrow